Christmas holidays..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break. Ours was calm and quiet. My lovely friend Christina came to us for Christmas dinner and everything was going beautifully, until I dropped the pan with scorching fat ready for the roast potatoes down my arm and side. Determined not to let it ruin the day, we patched it up best we could, well Christina did and thank God she did! and thank God for lavender essential oil! Its amazing! So, I’ve spent every day since smelling of this wonderful aroma and wrapped in cling film (Just my arm, not whole body obvs). 🙃

The lead up..

The run up to Christmas, with regards to Christmas present buying went much smoother than I thought it would. Matt was an absolute star! and we did everything together, mostly online and a few bits from nearby shops. In the past, pre-Christmas craziness would result in me running around like a headless chicken, trying to fulfill my children’s dreams making it all twinkly and lovely. However, this year was different! I had to keep reminding myself that we would still have an amazing time, I just needed to pace myself and I did. Although, I didn’t quite manage it on Christmas day. I still find it hard to ask for, or accept help. I think that’s going to be an ongoing challenge for me.

Further news..

Since my last post, I have had another call from the Social Prescriber, she is a really lovely, helpful lady. She went through some treatment options for the new year, which is good news. Although, one of them is in Canterbury and I really don’t know how I will manage it, in terms of getting there! Nevermind, I will think of that when the time comes. I had a perching stool delivered to help me in the kitchen, and am waiting for a call from social services. They plan to come out and assess me in the house, to see if there are any modifications to help make things easier. Of course I am extremely grateful! However, it’s still difficult to comprehend that I need these things, life truly is different. I am no longer upset about it (I mean, there are times, but so much less than before) I am mostly embracing it and managing the best I can. My instagram family are amazing! They may not know they are my Instagram family, but they are! I am finding that connecting with others, in that space is an integral part of my day. They are all amazing!

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

I have also had an assessment for PIP. This did set me back a bit, I hated every minute of it! Having to talk to someone about all the things that are challenging, was a far cry from the person that used to say I was fine, even when I really wasn’t fine. I would power house on through, sometimes feeling like complete and utter shit, but I was still ‘FINE’. Myself and a lovely friend of mine used to have this private joke, we would accentuate the ‘fine’ and would sometimes add in a little eye twitch to go alongside our ‘fine’. We always supported each other through our fineness, it is something we still laugh about. Anyway sidetracking, the PIP assessment was awful and I was pleased to get it over with, we shall see what happens.

Keeping my brain ticking..

At the beginning of this month, I started a little online course, in a subject that I have been extremely interested in for some time. So far I am loving it, it fits in with my day and I can pick it up and put it down when I need to. I got a few books for Christmas to compliment and support my studies, I will let you in on that very soon, as it seems to be taking a very interesting turn.

But, its Christmas food!

I have eaten my body weight in Christmas everything! Bag of doughnuts = Christmas doughnuts. M&S biscuit selection= M&S Christmas biscuit selection 😋 and so on! We have all indulged, me a little too much! Christmas food has gone alongside everything, watching a Christmas movie = sweets. Playing Christmas games = nik naks i.e nuts, crisps, cheese and biscuits we have definitely kicked the arse out of it haha!! I think everyone does that right?! 🤔

Christmas magic music

Our daughter purchased her first vinyl record this Christmas, and her dad is beyond excited! If you have checked out the ‘music maestro’ page you will understand why. We also bought her some vinyl, it was lovely to watch her using the turntable and getting into the groove. Her brother, not so interested yet. He quite likes Anime and getting him a firestick and subscription to Crunchy Roll was his best present. What makes my Christmas magical? spending time with my family, I think if this last year, or so has taught me anything its love them and hold them close.

Happy New Year to you all!

Sending love as always

C x

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