be happier than a seagull with a stolen a chip!

I have no idea who said it, but I found this quote quite amusing!
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My Happy Place

When I was younger Friday nights were party nights at my nan and grandads. My nan would buy this massive turkey leg, which she cooked and shared with us if we wanted some, but my sister and I were more interested in the Sara Lee gateaux and the collection of sweets laid out on the small glassed coffee table. Sometimes my grandad would arrive home with some Chinese food and we would also tuck into that. At 10pm the familiar tune of the Golden Girls would start and we would chorus the theme tune, (a tune that I still remember to this day). My nan, my sister and I would sit down to watch Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia light up the screen with their wit, beauty, ditziness and charm.

I think I need a little reminder..

These days my happy place is in my house with my family and our dog Evie, (who you will hear more about at a later date). eating good food while we chat and listen to what has happened in the day for each of us. There is always jokes, fun and laughter and can sometimes be a disaster! But it is my happy place. my lovely family, no matter how cross we can get with each other we actually do love each other fiercely. (although, my daughter would definitely dispute this when it comes to her brother, I am still trying to convince her that one day they will need each other, so be nice).

When I have a difficult day, it cheers me up when we all sit together around our oval kitchen table (whether its to eat, or to be together and just be silly) to share our news and enjoy each others company. After that everyone normally, and quite cleverly have an excuse as to why they cannot possibly help with tidying up, this ranges from I need the toilet, Ill be back in a minute (my daughter) to, my son, who is like ‘The Flash’ I will be having a conversation with him one minute, turn around and he’s gone! Then there is “I’m just going to sit down a minute” (my husband). However, mostly he’s amazing and it is usually him and I left to tidy up.

When my Mum and step-dad come over they always bring treats and when I say treats 99% of the time this means food. My Mum is a foodie like me. In my opinion her curries are high end restaurant worthy. My husband rubs his hands with glee when he knows she is coming over, he loves her food more than mine. She is a absolute character and never fails to make me laugh when things are a bit bleak, always ready to jump into action when you need her and I would not be without her.

What does your happy place look like?

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