Summer time madness!

I haven’t put up a proper post for a little while. I hope your all doing well. The weather here has been amazing, I cannot remember having a summer like this for some time. I have actually welcomed the rain when we have had it, as garden is parched!

How am I doing?

I am doing well! I have good days and not so good days, but my confidence is growing and going out on my own doesn’t feel as daunting! I have fallen out of my chair a couple of times, but I got myself up and back on the horse (I think that’s the correct phrase). Bloomin’ Wild Tea is keeping me occupied and I am slowly getting to grips with the day to day running of a very small business. I have continued to do the farmers markets and have met some really lovely people at the stall. I have sold tea and had some repeated business, which is fantastic!

So far, I am enjoying the experience. However, some days I feel a little overwhelmed! The truth is, I am not what the business world would call a natural seller, so I find the roll up, roll up come and buy my tea a bit challenging (I don’t really say, roll up, roll up, but you know what I mean). It’s all confidence building, so the more I do it, hopefully the better I will get. I am currently working on a website and will soon have it ready to launch! Its all very exciting!

My friend from across the pond

My lovely friend Sarah came to visit from Thailand, it was so lovely to give her a hug and chat in real time. We enjoyed each others company while we sat overlooking the sea, on a beautiful summers day. She is now back in Thailand and we have already resumed our voice messages. It’s a friendship I cherish.

Happy Place Festival

Me and my sister from another mother went to the Happy Place Festival! It was amazing! I met some gorgeous people there! Lauren from Luminosity_glitter! The lovely lady from tonic CBD! The beautiful Sophie Morgan and the gorgeous Fearne Cotton! We had the best time! It started off a little tricky with regards to parking and accessibility. However, this was dealt with promptly and in all honesty I was so excited to be there I moved past it pretty quickly!

Plus, the wonderful Penelope came and gave us the best gift bag, which left us with such a warm feeling. I had booked workshops singing with the amazing Jambo! and a Canopy and Stars experience. It was the first thing I’ve felt brave enough to go to, and I was so happy that I did because it had me buzzing for days afterwards!

I am currently reading Fearne Cottons ‘Bigger Than Us’ book I’m enjoying it so far and will leave a review soon, I have two others waiting in the wings, there isn’t enough hours in the day! I’m always open to book suggestions, so leave a comment if you have read something amazing recently.

Wedding of the year

Our gorgeous friends Laura and Ryan got married! It was such a beautiful day! We all went as a family and watched them say their vows. It filled my heart with joy! Laura looked stunning in her dress and her hair and flowers reminded me of the beautiful Frida Kahlo! I have put a few pics up in a previous post. It was joyful!

This weekend Matt and I are going to London for a little break. I am really excited about it, but also a little apprehensive as I have no idea what travelling round London as a wheelchair user will be like! I guess I will find out soon enough. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 👍

I hope you are all doing okay and hopefully my next post won’t be another 2/3 months. I am on Instagram if you would like to follow me on there @cassiedearbody I post regularly and also @bloominwildtea 😊

Take care, much love C x

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