Bloomin’ Wild Tea

In my last post, I said that I would be letting you in on my new venture! I am so excited to share this with all of you. My business Bloomin’ Wild Tea came to fruition early this year, and I did my first proper event on Saturday at the local farmers market.

Herbalism Studies

Over this last year, or so I have been studying herbalism. My thirst for knowledge, led me on to course after course, and book after book. I have always loved alternative therapies and medicines! from a young age I would seek out natural creams, facial washes and toothpaste. When our daughter was born and she started teething, I went straight to the herbal shop and bought a herbal powder to ease her discomfort. I would always try and steer away from prescribed medications.

My Apothecary

When I started to need prescribed medication last year, I sought natural ways to deal with some of the side effects, one being constipation. I used the knowledge I learnt from my studies and bought myself a small amount of herbs to blend myself a tea.

That small amount herbs turned into my very own apothecary!

Tummy Tea

Tummy tea was my first herbal blend and it worked a treat! I threw away the bottle of lactulose and drank my tea. I tasted each individual herb and jotted down notes on taste and how I felt afterwards. I then went on to make a well-being tea, and a calming tea blend.

I came up with a name and designed my own logo, I took it all slowly, which was key for me. I enjoyed it all, it gave me a focus. On days when I felt awful, I would rest and sometimes jot down ideas. On better days, I would blend and taste different tea blends, it was like a little witches kitchen and my bread making bowl was my cauldron!


I did not do this alone, I had help from my gorgeous friend Sarah, who although lives over the otherside of the world, made time to listen to my ideas and offer helpful advice which was amazing! She also designed my leaflets and posters to take with me, to make my stall look pretty! and give much needed information on my teas. (Just need to sell a few more teas and I’m buying my ticket to come see you 😉) and of course my wonderful husband, who set up my stall on Saturday and has gone through many taste tests! Other family and friends also did taste tests, and helped in other ways, which was fab!

I hope to start private consultations soon, but until then, if you would like a pouch of tea come visit me at the farmers market in Whitstable.

I have started an Instagram page:

Also, a Facebook page:

Please come and check those out, there are some tea recipes and other bits and bobs you may like.

I hope today is being kind to you all.

Sending much ❤

C x

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