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Healthy eating

As we all know eating healthily is good for us. We are encouraged to eat a varied diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit to give us all the nutrients we need to be healthy in body and mind. However, if your a picky eater and find that you do not enjoy a variety of foods, it becomes harder to get all you need to support your body and immune system and that’s when vitamins may help.

Luckily, I enjoy a wide range of foods and I am mindful of eating sugary foods, or deep fried foods (Although, not so great at resisting a Krispy Kreme doughnut, I mean who can?).

Hello, goodbye 👋

Before my hospital visits at the beginning of this year I was a vegetarian. I hadn’t eaten meat for some time. During my hospital stay I ordered ‘Hello Fresh’ boxes for my husband to help him and the kids eat healthy nutritional food, instead of them eating fry-ups, or Bernard Matthews Turkey Drummers (they all love them!) and chips. However, it turned out not be that helpful and texts of “what is a garlic press?” and “when it says half the tomatoes, does that mean cut them in half? Or half the punnet?” Made me realise that it was going to hinder rather than help, so I cancelled the boxes and all was well (I mean he does make a mean fry-up). When I returned home, I didn’t have the energy to even try and cook a meal, so I ended up saying “do your best, I will eat whatever you make” and I did.

Since then, I have eaten a variety of different foods including meat and try to make adventurous choices when making dinner. Although dinner time is tricky for a couple of reasons…

1. We have a picky eater in our household. Our daughter is very difficult to please when it comes to food and now she is earning her own money, so if we are having something that doesn’t suit her she will order takeaway! Therefore, I have vitamins for her to take as her diet is far from varied.

2. I find standing for a period of time tricky as my legs start to hurt and repetitive actions make my arms ache. I find it irritating, but my determination to finish my task i.e get the dinner cooked and onto a plate keeps me going, even if it means me sitting while peeling the spuds.

Vitamin supplements

When it comes to vitamins there are so many different brands to choose from and some are quite pricey. But, with a little research I found a company called ‘Feel’ I ordered them as they had really good reviews, and they were quite reasonably priced so we shall see. I’ll do a little review after a month or so.


The great thing is that I love a good smoothie! and have dedicated a page to smoothie recipes, feel free to check out some of the recipes if your a smoothie fiend like me. When I’m having a low energy day, I will pack in some veg, fruit, oat milk and sometimes nut butter among other things into the blender, I then have a nutritional breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack. I have a few more recipes to add to the page, so pop in to see if there is anything new in there for you.

Alternative route

I am very interested in herbalism and alternative therapies. I found myself gravitating towards posts and people, who have more experience with herbal tinctures and teas. I have mentioned before about being sensitive to medication therefore, I am always searching for new ways to help myself using alternative methods. In the past, when I have been struggling with a health ailment, my first point of call has always been to research an alternative method to treat myself. At the moment I am doing a little of both. if I am honest, I am a little worried about coming off of prescribed medication as I couldn’t bear to get worse. Therefore, I will keep going with it until things settle and then invest in seeing a Neuropath to help me further.

Professional collaboration

My cousin in Australia was diagnosed with Reumatoid Arthritis some time ago (she is only a year older than me) and with the help of her GP and a Neuropath she is now doing really well! She contacted me a couple of months ago to tell me about her health journey, and to tell me how helpful it had been to have both professionals working together to reach a common goal. I visited my GP recently and asked her about this, I was hoping that maybe my own surgery would be as open minded. However, she said it was something they did not do. I told her it was a shame and she seemed to agree. I hope I’ve planted a seed there, I wonder if it will grow.

Self advocacy

I think it’s important to self advocate when it comes to your health. You know yourself better than anyone, if you do some research and think that something will benefit you, please don’t be afraid to use your voice. I have written about this previously and am very passionate about it. If you are not being listened to, maybe it’s time to ask to see a different doctor. If your not happy its okay to ask for a second opinion.

I would be interested to know if there is anything that you have found helpful on your health journey. Have you sought alternative medicine, or therapies that you feel have helped? Or specific foods that you have added or cut out that have had a positive impact.

I hope everyone is doing okay.

Sending so much love

C x

2 thoughts on “Looking after you

  1. Really enjoyed reading this – thank you. I also think it is such a shame that we don’t seem to have collaboration between, say, GPs and nutritionists as I’m sure that a more joined up approach across disciplines would help those of us with chronic conditions. I know that when I have eaten better generally, I do feel better but I just can’t seem to stick to it long term, with chocolate and crisps being my downfall!

    I will be interested to hear what you make of the new vitamins that you’re trying as well once you’ve had chance to evaluate.

    Take care
    Sarah x

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    • Thank you for your comment. I too find it tricky to stick to a healthier way of eating long term. Chocolate, cakes and doughnuts are definitely my downfall!

      I will write a review of the ‘Feel’ vitamins soon.

      Take care
      Cassie x


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