Yes, I’m really going there. Sorry, not sorry


I have IBS and the last couple of years constipation has been a huge issue for me. I think those who suffer with it will agree that its bloody awful! and my new medication unfortunately contributes to it being more difficult to manage.

Today has been particularly awful! tummy pain and for added delight, retention of urine is hindering my day. I sometimes spend time during my day pacing the room and massaging my tummy hoping it will pass.

Trips back and forth to the toilet are unsuccessful and when the miracle finally happens, although relieved I know that for the next couple of days that area is going to feel like I just pushed a baby out of there! (I actually saw my husband grimace when he read that part). I have tried so many different things to help and make it easier, sometimes it works well and other times not so much. However, I’m getting there and am now finding that its not only one thing, but a combination of different things that make it easier and a less painful.

What helps me?

If I keep on top of it and don’t forget to do these things listed below, my body does manage to function quite well.

Here goes…

Herbal tea 🍵 I have made my own personal blend and it works beautifully.

Eat dried, or tinned prunes is a thumbs up (My neurologist recommended – tinned prunes with yogurt in the mornings).

Dulcolax, or Senna is effective. However, I find Senna is more effective for me. Although, it seems to take time to build up in your system.

Pure fruit juices, I tend to go for prune, or orange.

Love Thy Gut organic Prebiotic Super-blend. I have this in fruit smoothies.

Drink plenty, now this one is really important and it really does help. I now have an app to remind me to keep hydrated.


Shit cake, I’m sorry, what cake? Yes you haven’t misread I did write shit cake (I do recognise that this really isn’t a great name for a cake).

It is a mixture of fruit and fibre, my Mums friend Deb gave her the recipe and my brilliant Mum passed the recipe on to me, but not before making it for me on numerous occasions. Thanks mum!

My Mum and her friend call it shit cake and who am I to change a perfectly good name for something that helps support you to have a much needed… you know.

Anyway, it works for me, so maybe it will work for you.

Here is the recipe: (I really hope it’s not a family secret, maybe I should change the name?).

Also, where it says mug. It literally is a mug, not a cup.

1 x mug of raisins (you can also add another dried fruit if you wish, I also added dried prunes to this recipe).

1x mug of all bran

1x mug of milk

1/4 of mug brown sugar

Then let that all sit in a bowl to soak for 10min.

Lastly, mix in 1x mug of self raising flour and pour mixture into a loaf pan lined with parchment paper. Pop it in a preheated oven at 175 for 30-40 minutes. Check after 30 and see how it’s doing.

Get it out of the oven, pop a toothpick in to make sure its cooked through and if done leave to cool.

Slice, spread a thin, or thick if you prefer layer of butter and eat, yum 😋 good for your tum

Soooo good!

I hope your all having a great day

Much love C x

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