The Woodturners Daughter…

My Dad got into woodturning just before Christmas time and bought his first lathe. He chatted to me about it and I found it fascinating! I didn’t realise how many beautiful pieces you could make yourself. After showing me some of his work and watching some of the fabulous Chestnut Productions demonstrations, I was hooked! We recently attended a local event with his friend Barry. I managed most of the Saturday, but came home earlier than planned. I didn’t make it on the Sunday, but luckily The organiser kindly gave me access via a live online link. So I did not miss out on a thing and watched from home. I was so looking forward to watching The Tiny Turner (Emma Cook) her stuff is beautiful! The centre picture below is some of her gorgeous pieces. I am now looking into buying a lathe for myself, I have definitely been inspired!

Above – me and dad, or should I say me and Darth. Its so nice to share something with him and when I’m doing much better with my driving, I will venture over there to have a go on his lathe. This post is called The Woodturner’s Daughter as it was the name my husband came up with thinking it was funny, but It stuck and I quite like it. So, maybe in a few weeks, I may produce something worthy of the name.

I would love to know what new hobbies, or old hobbies you are enjoying right now.

Much love C x

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