When its an ice-cream kind of day!

Bring on the gelato!

Today has been a good day! hubster took me out for chips and a marvelous, chocolatey treat! there were so many different flavours to choose from, I haven’t had that kind of choice since we visited Italy many, many years ago.

I am getting better at managing my good days and not so good days. I think that its also got a lot to do with confidence. Up until now I have not found it easy to go out and enjoy myself, as I was too preoccupied with the thought of seeing someone I know. Whereas, I am now coming to terms with my diagnosis and have an understanding of when my body needs to rest. I am managing my pain to the best of my ability, sometimes its hard, but I will not stop trying to live and enjoy my life even when it is challenging.

Its about celebrating the wins and although being wheeled around in a wheelchair is not my favourite thing, today is a day time out, out day and I enjoyed it! Every day is different and I’m trying to embrace all of it. Even when I feel beaten, I still try to do something productive, something small. Sometimes it can be something boring like hanging out the washing and making dinner. I try and set myself achievable goals, so that I feel like I am winning at something.

I hope you have all had a good day

C x

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