A mind that says GO! and the body says NO!

What do you do when your mind wants to go here, go there, make this, do that? but your body however is flipping you off. Its like a constant battle of the wills. My mind is like chop, chop we need to do, to achieve, to be helpful. For example, I want to take my son out to treat him to a Kaspa’s.

Mind – I think there is a drive through, its not too far.

Body – but do you feel confident to drive that far, are you alert enough? You know that the medication your now taking makes you feel a bit wobbly sometimes.

Mind – We can go the shorter route to the one that is closer.

Body: yeah, but your forgetting that the closest carpark is still a lengthy walk away from there, would you be able to manage it? AND who might you bump into?

This is what happens to me most days. In the end I just give up and think we’ll just go for a short walk then, that will get us out. When a walk is offered to my son? Well, he’s quite happy to stay at home thanks. I don’t really blame him, I mean who wants to get out of their pj’s to do a short walk with their mum, with no incentive? (His sister would do it 🙄😂).

Its hard to find ways to be productive. I can walk around the house, ticks a couple of boxes, or be out in the garden picking the dead heads off the flowers, (so satisfying) but I get to a point when I just want to be out. Not out, out, but just plain out.

Inside adventure

I have bought a new book, one that I’m hoping will take me on a wee adventure. Its written by the hilarious Rosie Jones and I’m getting stuck in, I will leave a review in the book corner page. Also, Its Friday night and that means takeaway! That absolutely lifts my spirits, I’ve been on a diet, I mean ‘a healthy eating, lifestyle change.’ I am getting a bit bored, so tonight we are having a curry. I’m always so excited about food, its not really frickin helping me. I’ve actually been dreaming of eating a pasty. The other night I dreamt that my husband had turned into a giant marsh mallow and I couldn’t stop licking him. A bit weird, or rather kinky, depends on how you look at it.

I have also been looking at a mobility aid called the Alinker. I think I saw it on Selma Blairs Instagram. I thought it was such a clever way to get around, especially when your body hasn’t got the same stamina it once had. I saw it and thought, what an amazing invention that will be so helpful to people who want to be more independent and who do not want to be pushed around in a wheelchair (me). Anyway, I didn’t think about for me to begin with as I thought that everything would miraculously be back to normal by now and I wouldn’t need something like that. However, I actually am starting to think a bit differently. I have looked into it and have found that they are now being sold from a UK base. Its pricey, maybe I need to have that as a goal, to try and save for one. For those of you that haven’t seen one…

Alinker Walking Bike

I wish you all a lovely day! If any of you have any ideas on something else to jazz up my day feel free to comment

much love C x

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