Positive Vibes

The birds are in full swing this morning, while they have a mini feast from the bird feeder, I’m slowly getting myself set up for the day! Starting with a small concoction of medication. I have managed to stop taking high dosage pain relief tablets, 1, because my body is quite sensitive to them and 2, I really don’t like taking them. I would much rather try and take an alternative route if I can, this works for some people and not for others. I have just finished my last session with the physio and I’m now on my own trying to navigate my physical self. I’ve started a very gentle yoga session at home, it’s about 15min, some days is harder than others, but even if I am struggling with pain, I always try and do something and push on through.

Finding what works for you

I do believe a positive mindset is crucial when dealing with physical pain, but I do know how easy it can be to find yourself falling down the rabbit hole and disappear for a day or two, for some people it can be weeks, or months. I totally understand I have been there myself, it’s tough! In my experience I find trying to achieve something every day, no matter how small helps, and having a good support system keeps your spirits up. People around you who can make you laugh even when you are at your lowest. I listen to music, I drink tea with CBD, which is amazing by the way! I know CBD doesn’t work for some, but I have been having a little try of CBD products recently and have found the tea really helps. It is a little on the pricey side for tea, but I get two and a half cups out of one teabag, I would say that’s pretty good! (I smile as I write this as I have family members that would try and get a second, or third cup out of a Tetley) Just in case any of you are interested in this, its called: Body and Mind Botanicals, I buy it from a shop that stocks it, but you can buy it on their website. I have only tried the peppermint, but there are others if you’re not keen on peppermint. I will put there website in the ‘useful resources’ page.

So, after writing and showing you my best efforts at finally getting my sourdough loaves into their proofing baskets, I have the pleasure of introducing my sourdough loaves, came out pretty good. I’m sure Joshua Weissman would be proud of me, I don’t know him, but I can just tell that he seems like the kind of guy that would applaud my efforts.

Celebrate every success! (dust pan and brush the fails)

However, there were a couple of minor fails – In preparation of cooking said loaves, I managed to cook a cable and the plug in the pot while preheating the oven! My husband and I got a blast of plastic infused smoke as I opened the oven door ready to put my dough in. Oops! Luckily, I had something else I could use. But the clumsiness did not stop there, oh, no! I then accidently dropped a Santa gravy boat 🤦‍♀️. I didn’t like it much anyway (I wonder where I can get another one) eventually as you can see, I got the bread in the oven = success!

Enjoy your day!

love C x

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