Productive Morning, check ✔

The sun is shining, and the garden is inviting. Today is a new day! I have said goodbye to my daughter, husband and son and I am now alone with my Evie…

She is always in a playful mood!

I plan to make sourdough bread today, my lovely friend Sarah sent me a great YouTube video recently. After seeing a picture of hers that were like professional baker standard, I thought I would have another try. It is a bit of a faff to get your starter established, but once you do its pretty easy. In ‘Useful Resources’ is a link to Joshua Weissman YouTube videos, if you feel the need to make your own sourdough bread, I highly recommend it. I find bread making therapeutic! I recently listened to a ‘Deliciously Ella’ podcast with Pauline Beaumont, author of ‘The mindful art to making bread’ it is a lovely book and like me she did not discover her love of baking bread until later on in her life. You will find the podcast in ‘Useful Resources’ I really enjoyed it!

I love baking! in-between making my own bread I get a loaf from this gorgeous little bakery in Whitstable. If you ever come this way for a little get away, Grain and Hearth Bakery is definitely worth a visit. They also do the most gorgeous cakes!

So, more about the little things that keep me sane during my day other than my garden and bread making. I am currently making a quilted blanket. My sister from another mother comes to see me often, she brings sewn hexagon squares as well as dinner for my family, or a tub of ice-cream and always with a smile. She sits and sews with me, and for me and so far…

Its getting there and it keeps me busy, but also like she says you can pick it up and put it down to do something else. Please let me know if there is anything creative you enjoy and post pictures of your creations, I would love to see what inspires you.

I am currently listening to Greatest Hits Radio, I love this station! Its so upbeat and at the moment they have a competition called Cash Register, I keep entering every day (I hear the phrase – you’ve got to be in it to win it often). I think my mum thought I was slightly unhinged when on the phone to my husband I told him I needed to go as I was waiting for Greg Burns to call me! Haha!

Have a great day! C x

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